Making a Difference

As of 2019, the Michelle Jurd Trust (MJT) has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds which has had a huge meaningful impact to our benefactors.  Neil Jurd – Founder and fellow trustees annually visit the schools and youth organisations MJT have supported to meet up with those who have benefited directly from your generosity.  These visits/ conversations are always inspiring. Hearing the stories of people learning new skills, being supported, overcoming fears, and gaining in self-confidence make our work worthwhile and inspire us.  Thank you!

Often, children describe the most challenging experiences as the ones they have enjoyed most.  In a recent visit to Grange Primary School Neil heard how much pupils had enjoyed visiting Castle Head Outdoor Centre, climbing and then standing on top of a very high and deliberately wobbly wooden pole – a huge challenge requiring considerable courage.

Our trustees also regularly meet with representatives of the service charities we support, and again, it is inspiring to hear the difference our money makes.  The RAF Benevolent Fund support a wide community of former RAF service-people and their dependents, a typical project being funding the conversion of a property for use by an injured amputee Iraq veteran.  Or providing residential care for older veterans and widows.

MJT is registered with the Charity Commission number: 1144797

Our team

Patron Clare Hensman – Lord Lieutenant of Cumbria

Chair Jane Samson

Treasurer Sandra Howarth

Trustee / Founder Neil Jurd

Trustee Lou Hargreaves

Trustee Brian Gregory

Trustee Mark Quinn

What we do

Charity Commission Objects;

1. To advance in life and educate for the public benefit of those under 25 years of age who live in Cumbria in particular but not exclusively by the provision of grants specifically for recreational, adventurous, or cultural activities which develop their skills and increase their individual or collective knowledge and expertise to sustain and extend their personal development to participate in society as responsible individuals.

2. To relieve for public benefit either generally or individually any persons who are serving or who have served in the armed forces or the dependents of such persons or their immediate family, who are in charitable need, either through direct provision or by making grants to charities that provide such assistance.

Get involved

Being a small charity, where none of us make any money from our work, we need as much help as we can get.  We need your help raising funds, help with social media, help to find prizes for the annual ball, and help to generate and seeing through great ideas.  Brilliant auction prizes are the ones that money can’t buy – visits to places the public can’t visit, time with impressive celebrities, portraits by great artists.  Can you help us with anything like that?  We would love to hear from you.  And on the night of the ball, we often need a few helpers to administer the auction and raffle, and look after the various entertainers.  It’s a great night to be part of.

We also need local champions, especially in our home area of South Lakeland, to help us with fundraising and selling tickets to the ball and any other events we might run.  And people who can help with Public Relations and social media are always appreciated, so if you have a background in PR or media or fundraising, and also have some spare time, we can use you.  Over the year’s we have been helped by a number of parents with young children, who aren’t ready to return to full-time work, but who would like to channel their energy and talents.  If that’s you, maybe you could help us with our meaningful and purposeful work.

We need people to attend our annual ball.  It is a great night and ideally suited to groups of friends, and local businesses.  Tables of 10 or 12 are available – so please, follow the link to this year’s ball, and join us.

Why donate?

Because your money will be used to promote adventurous and cultural extra -curricular activity in schools, and to support service charities such as the Gurkha Welfare Trust, RAF Benevolent Fund and Not Forgotten Association.  More information on our work is elsewhere on our website.