The Michelle Jurd Memorial Trust donates funds to the Gurkha Welfare Trust. In the late 1960s, following the end of various Eastern conflicts, there was a significant reduction in the number of serving Gurkhas in the British Army. It was realised that many Gurkha soldiers and their dependants or widows in Nepal faced destitution in old age. Many of these soldiers had served in the World Wars. However, they had not served the 15 years needed to qualify for an Army pension. Unlike their British counterparts who could rely on the welfare state in old age, the Nepali Gurkhas had no such safety net.


I would like to thank the Trustees of The Michelle Jurd Memorial Trust for the generous gift of £3,000, raised through your annual winter ball.  We are extremely grateful for your ongoing support of our work in Nepal.

The core work of The Gurkha Welfare Trust continues to be the provision of financial support to elderly and vulnerable Gurkha ex-Servicemen and Gurkha widows who are living in Nepal.  Many of these brave old Gurkhas served in World War II, Malaya and Borneo but are now elderly and are completely reliant on the Welfare Pension provided by The Gurkha Welfare Trust.

In addition to financial support, we provide a robust Medical Programme to provide these elderly veterans and their communities with free care and medicines at our Area Welfare Centres and in their own homes, as well as covering the cost of hospital care in the more serious cases.  We are further supporting Gurkha communities by rebuilding homes, community centres and schools that were destroyed in the 2015 earthquakes, as well as constructing water systems through our Rural Water and Sanitation Programme.

Thank you once again for your support which will make an enormous difference to Gurkha veterans and their communities in Nepal.

Best wishes,

23 May 2017